Who we are

Aviation Consulting Corp.

Aviation Consulting Corp is known as an aircraft operator specializing in advanced tasks and is successful in finding the optimal schemes for controlling an aircraft.
Our clients appreciate speed in solving tasks and a rational approach to the financial side of the problem. We firmly follow the highest standards of aviation safety recognized in Europe.
Aviation Consulting Corp can manage your entire fleet of corporate and personal aircrafts in an efficient worry-free manner.

We will take care of everything from scheduling your travel, maintaining your aircraft, meals on board, and if not flying to the Space, then safe and easy way to Antarctica.

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on the things you truly care about!

Key Persons

Our dedicated executive management team is devoted to delivering the highest level of service to the communities, businesses and individuals.

Head of Company

Professional Pilot

Andreas BLASER




Natalia WALLA

Financial Department

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