Welcome to Aviation Consulting Corp (ACC): your gateway to seamless business jet transactions!

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Your gateway to seamless business jet transactions, ACC transforms buying or selling into expert-guided journeys. With extensive services, including search and selection, sales expertise, legal support, and escrow agent selection, ACC ensures a smooth process. Choose ACC for expert guidance, an extensive client base, and a transparent transaction experience. Elevate your aviation goals with ACC – where excellence meets your aspirations.



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Embark on a journey where buying or selling a business jet is not just a transaction but a smooth, expert-guided experience.

At ACC, we specialize in providing comprehensive services tailored to your aviation needs.


Our Services:


  • Expert Assistance in Search and Selection:

ACC offers you access to an extensive inventory of business jets from top manufacturers. Our seasoned team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect aircraft that aligns with your preferences and requirements.


  • Sales and Marketing Expertise:

If you're looking to sell your business jet, ACC provides effective marketing support and access to a substantial client base. We ensure your aircraft is presented in the best possible light, attracting potential buyers.


  • Legal Support Throughout Transactions:

ACC ensures a secure and legally sound buying or selling process. Our legal support team is committed to safeguarding your interests and providing peace of mind at every stage.


  • Escrow Agent Selection:

Security in financial transactions is paramount. ACC assists you in selecting trustworthy escrow agents, adding an extra layer of reliability and trust to your dealings.


Why Choose ACC:


- Expert Guidance: Rely on the expertise of ACC's team to navigate the complexities of business jet transactions seamlessly.


- Extensive Client Base: Join a community of satisfied clients who have successfully navigated the buying or selling process with ACC.


- Transparent Process: ACC believes in transparency at every step. Experience a straightforward and honest transaction process with clear communication.


Experience the ACC Advantage:


ACC is more than a service; it's your partner in achieving your aviation goals. Contact us today to initiate your journey of buying or selling a business jet - where excellence in aviation meets your aspirations.